The Matrix Spoof Retrospective [watch here]  

It was inevitable that I'd end up doing a retrospective focusing on the awful Matrix spoofs I made in 2002 and 2003, and this is it. Starring myself and special guest Andy Simpson, prepare yourself for 20 minutes of riffing and a very special ending!

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  Freejogging [watch here]  

Filmed back in 2008, this video follows the adventures of Joe Watts as he flips, jumps and generally goes mental while running around Westbrook. He is joined by Adam and Luke as they try and hilariously fail to emulate the sweet moves Joe is pulling off. Enjoy!

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  Bonfire Night [watch here]  

Celebrating bonfire night (or whatever you call it) was something of a family tradition when I was a kid. However, when I turned 15 I met up with some friends from school instead and we spent the evening blowing stuff up, setting fire to things and shooting each other. Good times!

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  To Me To You [watch here]  

This right here is pretty much the pinnacle of nostalgia - filmed waaaaay back in 1997, this episode of the craptacular Chuckle Brothers' gameshow To Me To You had myself and Sophie Tozzi as contestants representing the legendary Cannon Lane Middle School. Enjoy!

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  Stalker UK [watch here]  

Stalker UK was made back in 1999 and stars myself, Paul Francis and Richard Manber. It's basically a super-cheesy spoof of Crimewatch filmed in Pinner, and in this video I take you through some of the best parts. Enjoy!

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  Do you know what really STEAMS ME UP? Episode 3 [watch here]  

After nine months, the Steams series is back with a scathing look at how some people misuse communication. Everything from text arguments to the abomination that is Facebook Chat is ripped to pieces, so enjoy!

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  Climbing Snowdon 2 [watch here]  

At the end of July 2009 I went up Snowdon again, this time with some friends from home. The resulting video is... well, just watch and see. This is BY FAR the sweariest thing I've ever put on the site, so you have been warned! Also, it's the first widescreen film I've made, so the video is pretty huge.

  Do you know what really STEAMS ME UP? Episode 2 [watch here]  

The Steams series returns with a critical look at TV adverts. If you've ever been irritated with the amount of adverts you have to watch during your favourite programmes, this is the video for you. Failing that, if you simply want to see me in the shower filming a shampoo advert spoof, that's here too!

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  Do you know what really STEAMS ME UP? Episode 1 [watch here]  

Let me introduce 'Do you know what really STEAMS ME UP?', a series in which I rant about stupid rubbish that STEAMS ME UP. Episode 1 focuses on useless crap on Facebook, like awful applications, pointless notifications, and the hilariously stupid 'Become a Fan' tool.

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  Climbing Snowdon [watch here]  

In February 2009 I travelled to Wales with my brother and some of his friends with the aim of climbing Snowdon, one of the highest mountains in Britain. It was great fun, and this is the little video I made while we were there.

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  The Mind Goblins Documentary [watch here]  

Weighing in at a pretty hefty 24 minutes, this documentary takes you through the Mind Goblins series, a two-part horror spoof made by myself, Mark Smith and Chris Munro when we were 15. Featuring clips from the films - which have awful special effects, embarrassing lines and massive plot-holes - and narration from myself, this is pure nostalgia in video form.

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  Trip to Ireland [watch here]  

My friend Kel's mum got married over Valentine's weekend in 2008, and I - along with a few friends - was invited to the wedding. While I recorded plenty of footage at the wedding, this video is more of a diary of some of the stupid stuff we got up to in Ireland, and it's awesome. It's also 20 minutes long and contains some swearing, and one violent bit.

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  Masterchef Spoof [watch here]  

All my housemates (except for Ross) love a good bit of Masterchef, so we decided to make our own version of the show on Pancake Day. If you've seen the show a few times you're more likely to understand half of the jokes/references, but if not I'm sure you'll still enjoy this.

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  How to Pitch a Tent [watch here]  

Well, this certainly is something completely different. Basically, Adam and Henry were putting up some tents in the garden and we thought 'should we make a movie? Sure!'. The result is How to Pitch a Tent, a bizarre public service video/collection of random clips. Enjoy!

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  Death in Southampton [watch here]  

This one needs a little explaining - basically, my housemate Ollie made a video presentation for his history course, and it was all about how people used to die in Southampton. The presentation was a little dull and obviously didn't include any action, so I made it my goal to take the footage and turn it into something brilliant. The result? A trailer for a gangster revenge movie set in Southampton.

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The Last Day of School (Watford Girls) [watch here]


Taking place exactly one day after the original 'Last Day of School' video, this movie follows one particular group of girls (my friends, duh) on their last day of school. Featuring a lot of interviews, a trip to the Watford Met station shop, and a ridiculously large meal at Pizza Hutt in Watford, if you went to either grammar school in Watford you're going to get a kick out of this. The first video is probably more funny for those who didn't go to either school.

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The Last Day of School (Watford Boys) [watch here]


This documentary(ish) film takes the viewer on a white-knuckle ride through the last day of school at Watford Grammar School for Boys, in 2005. Featuring interviews with a number of pupils and teachers plus a nostalgic tour around the school, this video is great whether you went to Watford Boys or not. But of course, if you did, this video automatically becomes must-watch material.

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