New Year 3 [watch here]  
After the family home has been drastically redecorated, Adam and Tom feel incapable of making another New Year film in the same vein as last year. However, with the help of Luke Nolan - and a giant pizza - they manage to create a totally new, excessively violent chapter in the New Year saga.
New Year 2 [watch here]

We've just entered 2010, so Adam and I figured now would be an appropriate time to make a follow-up to last January's new year video. Did Adam get any better at Guitar Hero? Have I managed to get a girlfriend to go along with my baby? Watch to find out!

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Planning [watch here]

Tom receives an unexpected visit from three old friends, and together they decide to plan-out and create the greatest film ever made. Do they succeed? This film holds the answer!

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Happy New Year from Questionable Films [watch here]

In our first film of 2009, Adam and myself take a little time out to choose some resolutions and wish everyone a happy new year. Enjoy! ps. sorry about the awful sound quality, this was filmed on a digital camera (old-school style!)

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Sequels [watch here]

We've had a few e-mails from you guys asking if we're going to make any sequels to our old movies. This film is a video response to that question, where we've decided to show you why making sequels to some of our old films would probably be a very bad - although highly amusing - idea. Make sure to check out the older films before watching this one!

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Kung Spoon 3 [watch here]

It seems somewhat fitting that Questionable Films' final 'action-only' movie is easily the best one we've ever made. By taking the fights from KS2, the structure from KS1, the humour from Ballistic Assault and the effects from Army of One and then making them all much better, we ended up with Kung Spoon 3.

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BISCUIT [watch here]

Filmed in June 2007, this short movie follows the story of three friends confronting a very ordinary problem in a very unusual way. It's fast, it's funny, and it has Adam pulling down his trousers - genius!

I'd love to say this movie has some depth to it, but let's be honest - it's Adam, Luke and myself having a fight over a biscuit.

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Army of One [watch low-quality] [watch high-quality]

Two men. Two missions. One outcome. In this short 'war film in a back garden' (as Adam calls it) you'll be taken on a thrill-ride of action and adventure. Featuring some crazy special effects and some over-the-top violence, you're going to love this. That is, if you like a good bit of humour and some nifty fight sequences. If you don't, why are you even on this site?

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Kung Spoon: Ballistic Assault [watch here]

Filmed in January 2007, this side-story in the Kung Spoon series takes place somewhere between KS2 and KS3. Having finished another adventure with Alex, I return home only to find that something is there waiting for me... that's right, it's Adam.

First use of guns since the Matrix Spoof!

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Kung Spoon 2: Double Team [watch here]

When a small village is robbed of its idol, two men must stand up against injustice and return peace to the land. This prequel to the original Kung Spoon reveals how Alex and myself became an epic fighting team, with plenty of awesome fights along the way.

Filmed at Westbrook, new year 2006

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Kung Spoon 1 [watch here]

Join the adventures of Alex and Tom, two martial-arts experts on a quest to retrieve their stolen spoon stash and destroy the evil Spoon Mafia. Laugh at how bad the first fight is! Marvel at how good the last fight is! Wince at how many times Tom Mayes has his head smacked into something!

Filmed at Westbrook, new year 2005.

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