Planning Out-takes [watch here]

Planning is one my absolute favourite videos we've made, and we all had a great time filming it. As such, we spent a lot of time goofing-up lines and farting around while making it, resulting in an out-takes video that is as long as the movie itself. Enjoy!

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The Making of Kung Spoon 3 [watch here]

Running in at an epic 20 minutes, this making-of takes you through the entire creative process behind KS3 from July to December (Westbrook inclusive) and includes choreography, special-effects tests, early story drafts and more. There's also plenty of footage of Adam and myself eating KFC and playing Nintendo, so you know this film has to be amazing!

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Kung Spoon 3 Out-Takes [watch here]

It was somewhat inevitable that another Kung Spoon film would lead to another out-takes video, and the series finale provided plenty of accidentally hilarious moments. This time round, however, I've also managed to include a couple of deleted scenes and a few of the shots that were fine, but that we chose not to use. Enjoy!

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Army of One Out-Takes [watch here]

It's the out-takes from Army of One! There are a few 'behind the scenes' bits too, including me moaning about British weather and Adam doing an awful movie trailer-esque voice-over. Additionally, you've got the usual bunch of clips where Adam and myself mess up our lines several times in a row - good stuff!

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Kung Spoon: Ballistic Assault Commentary [watch here]

Watch the delightful Ballistic Assault again, only this time you get to hear me and Adam being idiots and talking over the film. We offer some useful insights into the making of the movie, but to be honest you came here to listen to us tell jokes and prat about and that's exactly what we do.

A whole 20 seconds of new out-takes is included, which isn't much but hey, what can you do?

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Kung Spoon 2 Out-takes [watch here]

Everyone loves out-takes, so I've taken some of the best ones from Kung Spoon 2 and put them into their own little video. There's plenty of good stuff here, from Alex falling into a river to Luke coughing up banana all over himself.

Good times!

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