NES Problems part 2, part 2!


That's right - despite failing to put all the screws back in and despite the fact I didn't really know what I was doing, the new connector had been properly installed and the NES was working like new. Was I happy? Yes.

However, this wasn't quite enough to satisfy me completely - I've owned Mario Bros 3 for ages and I've never had a problem with it, so it wasn't really a good test of my 'new' NES. What I really needed to do was get one of the NES games I got the other day from eBay - in other words, one of the games that I hadn't yet got to work - and try it out. I chose The Battle of Olympus - it's not exactly a classic, but it's a fun little RPG game that's a little similar to Zelda 2. If you have a NES, I highly recommend getting a copy off of eBay.

Enough about the game - did it work?...

SCORE! All the games worked, and I was very happy indeed. Even my friend Andy was happy!

So I guess this ends the thrilling story of my formerly broken NES. Let's not forget the valuable lessons we've learnt today - first, if your NES stops playing games and the power light flashes on and off, your 72-pin connector is probably to blame. Second, don't panic! If I can open up my NES and replace the connector, anyone can. Finally, with the rise of all these fancy new consoles like the PS3 and the crazy, motion-sensing Wii, let's not forget all the classic consoles we played as kids. So raise your glass, mug or whatever you've got, and here's to the NES.