Spring Clean! - 05/09/14

Two site updates in a week? What madness is this?! Well ok, it's not really an update, if anything it's actually an anti-update because all I've done is remove content from the site. While this might sound a bit odd there is actually method behind the madness, namely that a lot of the older content on this site was totally balls and we all know it. While I've left the Movies and Cartoons sections mostly in-tact, the Artwork and Comics section have been removed in their entirety. I've also changed the About Me section (because it was hideously out-of-date) and I've removed some of the embarrassingly self-centered articles (from, of course, the Articles section) because they were just completely pointless. Did I really write an entire article about drawing a rubbish background in Flash? Yes I did!

Now would seem like an appropriate time to update you on what I'm up to - after working at Aardman for a year on The Pirates, I landed an edit assistant job at the BBC and have been working there ever since. I'm now a freelance editor and am currently cutting the natural history short films for The One Show - it is an awesome job and I'm loving it so far. I'm starting to think that over time I'll convert this site into more of a showcase for my professional work. Don't worry, for the five of you that still care I'll definitely keep some of my older stuff around, plus there are a few new articles I have in mind.

Until next time!


Chinese Candy 2: The Revenge - 31/08/14

Cast you mind back to 2009 and you may recall a series of confectionary-related articles that started with my fairly tame American candy review. I then got my brother Matthew on board for the second American candy review, and things culminated in suitably revolting fashion with the Chinese candy extravaganza.

Strangely enough we actually dedicated a second evening to horrible Chiniese sweets back in December 2009, but the audio tape of that evening has sat unloved in a box for several years. Today I decided it was finally time to dig it out and finish transcribing it, which means I finally have the pleasure of presenting you with Chinese Candy 2: The Revenge!


Brewing the Ultimate Beer Pong Beer, The Finale! - 11/07/12

Almost four months ago Andy Simpson and myself embarked on an epic quest to brew our own beer. It wasn't entirely plain sailing, as you can find out for yourself in part 1 and part 2. Despite a few setbacks, our beer was brewed successfully and we have now put it to the test - had we succeeded in making a delicious ale, or had we created a tasteless abomination? Click below to find out!


Brewing the Ultimate Beer Pong Beer, Part 2 - 10/03/12

Last month Andy Simpson and myself started brewing our own beer, which was probably a very bad idea. Regardless, having left our beer to brew for enough time we were ready to start the second part of our ale-creating odyssey, and you can read all about it below!


Brewing the Ultimate Beer Pong Beer, Part 1 - 19/02/12

Contrary to popular belief, I am in fact not dead! To prove this, myself and veteran Questionable Films' contributor Andy Simpson have made an article chronicling part one of our adventure to make the world's best Beer Pong beer.


New Year 3 - 25/01/11

After several weeks of hardcore editing, the New Year 3 video is finally finished and ready for public consumption. Filmed in widescreen and containing the best effects we've ever put in a film, New Year 3 makes a significant departure from the first two films. Enjoy!


Nostalgia Month Update 6: The Matrix Spoof Retrospective - 20/09/10

Oh dear, I knew this day was coming. When I took it upon myself to do a big nostalgic look back at the history of Questionable Films, it was inevitable (see what I did there?) that I'd end up talking about the horrendous Matrix spoofs I filmed with a surprisingly large group of people in 2002-2003.

However, these spoofs are so poor I figured I'd make up for it with an extra special video, so prepare yourself for 20 minutes of wise-cracks and pro riffing as this video stars myself and a very special mystery guest. There are also out-takes so stick around after the credits, plus a very unexpected ending. If you took part in the making of these spoofs, this video will blow your mind.


Nostalgia Month Update 5: The Romania Journal - 29/07/10

Four years ago I embarked on an epic journey to Romania as part of my university course, and I spent most of my time digging, drinking, and watching kung fu movies on a crappy old laptop. I was accompanied by a whole bunch of Southampton and UCL students, and together we all had a very memorable time.

During the trip I wrote an enormous journal, and after a staggering fourty-eight months I have finally got it online, along with photos and brand-new comments from both myself and legendary Southampton icon Tom Fielden. Go make a sandwich and grab a coffee as this is by far the longest article on the site - enjoy!


Nostalgia Month Update 4: Freejogging - 12/07/10

As you're probably already aware, Westbrook has always managed to produce some entertaining videos. Afterall, it was where we made the Matrix spoofs and filmed the majority of the Kung Spoon series, and in a way Westbrook is the birthplace of Questionable Films itself.

With the above said, some of the videos made at Westbrook fall solidly into the 'we were bored and decided to make a film' category, and today's nostalgic offering sits firmly in that camp. Filmed by Joel Lawrence and starring Joe Watts, Adam Sullivan and Luke Nolan, Freejogging follows the exploits of one talented guy (Joe) and two idiots (Adam and Luke) as they run around Westbrook and the nearby shops doing all kinds of mental flips and jumps. The end result is both impressive and very funny, so even if you have no idea who anyone is, give it a watch.


Nostalgia Month Update 3: Bonfire Night - 07/07/10

As a kid, it was something of a family tradition to celebrate bonfire night - we'd make lots of hot food, head out into the cold and watch my dad set off some amusingly poor fireworks in the back garden. However, when I turned 15 I decided it was time to kick things up a notch, so I met up with some friends from school and we spent the evening blowing stuff up, setting fire to things and shooting each other with BB guns. The following video is the result.


Nostalgia Month Update 2: To Me To You - 21/06/10

Today's update is pretty much the pinnacle of nostalgia. Does anyone remember the rubbish Chuckle Brothers' gameshow To Me To You? Well, back in 1997 one particular episode of the show had Cannon Lane Middle School as a competing team. Can you possibly guess who one of the two contestants was? Oh boy.


Nostalgia Month Update 1: Stalker UK - 10/06/10

We're kicking off Nostalgia Month with something pretty special - Stalker UK! Essentially a cheesy Crimewatch spoof filmed around Pinner in 1999, this old-school classic - starring myself, Richard Manber and Paul Francis - has barely been seen outside of Paul's bedroom. Until now!